Valuation Strategy during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Our Firm has put in place the following strategies to ensure the health and safety of our staff and members of the general public which we may come into contact with during inspections. Our procedures are categorised by the type of inspection.

New-Build Properties

After receiving a new-build instruction and going through the previously outlined investigations etc, we will contact the foreman of the site and ask what stage the property is at. If the property is complete we will ask for the property to be left open so we can inspect. If the property is incomplete we will ask for permission from the foreman to visit the site, ensuring as always that our site inspection will be following our own guidelines and the guidelines laid out by the site foreman.

Vacant Second Hand Properties

We will arrange to collect a key from the selling agent, carry out our usual inspection following our new guidance concerning PPE etc.

Occupied Properties

Homebuyers Report

In this instance to enable our surveyors to carry out a Homebuyers Report the property will have to be vacant with doors, attic hatch etc all left open. We do not deem it feasible at present to carry out a Homebuyers Report in an occupied property.

In-House Safety Strategy

Protective PPE